Then they switch to buy augmentin online administration with a dropper or infusion pump of a 10% solution until blood sugar reaches 11-13 mmol / l. If it turned out that the coma arose due to an overdose of hypoglycemic agents, they do a gastric lavage and give enterosorbents. If a severe overdose of insulin is likely and less than 2 hours have passed since the injection, soft tissue excision is made at the injection site. Simultaneously with the elimination of hypoglycemia, its complications are treated. Diuretics for suspected cerebral edema - mannitol (15% solution at the rate of 1 g per kg of body weight), then lasix (80-120 mg). Nootropic Piracetam improves blood flow in the brain and helps maintain cognitive abilities (10-20 ml of a 20% solution). Insulin, potassium preparations, ascorbic acid, when there is already enough sugar in the blood and it is necessary to order clavulanate pills its penetration into tissues. Thiamine for suspected alcoholic hypoglycemic coma or exhaustion.

Complications of hypoglycemic coma. When severe hypoglycemic conditions occur, the body tries to prevent negative consequences for the nervous system - it accelerates the release of hormones, increases cerebral blood flow several times in order to increase the flow of oxygen and glucose. Unfortunately, compensatory reserves are able to prevent damage in the brain for a fairly short time. If the treatment does not give results for more than half an hour, it is highly likely that complications have arisen. If the coma does not stop for more than 4 hours, there is a high chance of severe irreversible neurological pathologies. Due to prolonged starvation, cerebral edema develops, necrosis of augmentin pills. Due to the excess of catecholamines, the tone of the vessels decreases, the blood in them begins to stagnate, thrombosis and small hemorrhages occur.

In elderly diabetics, hypoglycemic coma can be complicated by heart attacks and strokes, mental damage. Long-term consequences are also possible - early dementia, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, encephalopathy. The condition when a person develops an acute shortage of glucose in the plasma and the brain tissue begins to starve is called hypoglycemic coma. Pathology often occurs in patients with diabetes mellitus, a diabetic coma threatens with life-threatening consequences, so it is necessary to buy clavulanate the characteristic symptoms and know what first aid will help to wait until the ambulance arrives.